Voice of Dog

Because who else would you listen to?


by Dogsbody


When I was a teenager, I discovered Jeph Jacques' Questionable Content, and it kickstarted a love of comics that had been brewing since I picked up my first Beano as a child. Within days, I had read through the entire archive; within weeks, I had discovered Shortpacked!, XKCD, Penny Arcade, and Girls with Slingshots. I'd read traditional comics before, of course - lots of manga, every Dark Horse publication  my local library held, Alan Moore's Watchmen - but I'd never come across anything that covered so many genres as webcomics. And I knew from that moment that I wanted to write one, too.

Of course, it didn't help that I couldn't draw for shit. I still can't. I spent years nagging every friend who had even the slightest hint of artistic ability to draw for me, churning out scripts and storyboards overnight to try and tempt them into helping me. It never worked, of course - I have piles of proposals with only a page or two drawn; most of them are terrible. It occurred to me briefly to attempt to draw them myself, but I quickly dismissed the idea - being left handed and clumsy at the best of times, it seemed like an idea doomed to failure.

And then I drew a doodle of a small, sarcastic dog. And I realised that maybe, just maybe, I could do this webcomic thing.


Voice of Dog is not what I want to be my life's work; if it gets more than a few thousand hits in its lifetime, I'll be happy. Because it's a chance for me to teach myself how to draw, to learn the ins and outs of how webcomics work; it's a chance to make something, all by myself, and be proud of it, no matter how shitty it turns out. And it's a chance to write stories about a small dog, a duck, and a whole bunch of other characters that I'll probably come up with later on.


-Stevie Bennett